3 comments on “Tin Pan Alley

  1. Thanks again, Steve! Haven’t heard this one for aaaaages.

    BTW, I’ll be reposting the 1993 F50 on Kat’s Karavan when I get back home this weekend. Sorry about the delay.

  2. You’re more than welcome, as always! Look forward to hearing that. I listened to the whole 1990 FF on a boring train journey the other day…just made the time fly by, and hearing David Gedge doing the weather forecast was a hoot.

  3. i can’t be sure because my tutor can have a bit of an erratic memory at times, but one of my art lecturers apparently used to teach one of The Flying Lizards. Apparently the whole concept of their act was to read NME gig reviews of bands they’ve never heard and try to re-enact them. Which i think is a brilliant idea! Because if, for instance, NME said the the last OMD concert they went to sounded like Kraftwerk deadpanning old Northern Soul records, or something, then the Lizards would cover a Northern Soul record in a Kraftwerk style and get into the charts for being so zeitgeist! Nice.

    My favourite is their version of Sex Machine, for being so minimal and robotic and unlike James Brown at all. “Can I count it on?” “GO AHEAD GO AHEAD.”

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