4 comments on “You boychild, you winner and loser

  1. Now, see, that’s not the kind of thing I expected you to post Steve – and I LOVE YA for that.
    It’s a masterpiece, without doubt.

    Don’t tell anyone but I have an MP3 of them doing ‘Wish You Were Here’ at Live8 if you haven’t and fancy it…

  2. The ‘christmas song’ is available on the huge ‘Tree Full of Secrets’ bootleg series which, unfortunately, I don’t have at present. Actually, I’ve been hunting it down for a while. Of course, I’d love to have the Peel show on which it was broadcast, but we’ll just have to wait and see if it turns up at a car boot sale some time in the future!

    Great addition to the blog as always!

  3. Thanks for the praise and the location of this, entrailicus. I now have said track…isn’t Bit Torrent wonderful?
    Davy, I am eternally in your debt!

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