Bangers ‘n’ mash

I’ve never been much for dance music (that’s my wife’s forte), but it has to be admitted the pair of noisy buggers nestling at the foot of this page provide energy and a sense of fun for those in the mood.
The Blizzard Boys (FF 2003 #48) take a hardcore riff and run fast with it. I don’t seem to be able to find anything about them, but their solitary FF entry is sparklingly produced and leads the ear on masterfully.
Shitmat (otherwise known as Henry Collins from Brighton), on the other hand, is nowhere near so shy (check out his MySpace). This track is a piece of breakcore featuring a hoary old Irving Berlin tune sampled and then speeded up, but he prefers the term ‘mashcore’, as he takes diametrically opposed musical styles and unifies them into a teasing and satisfying whole. Shame this wasn’t longer. It comes from the last FF that John Peel had any part in influencing (FF 2004 #33).

Well, it seems like another era when I wrote the above words, and since then I have obtained two sessions by these scoundrels, both great listening in their own way, and worth savouring in one tasty scoop. The Shitmat mix began life as an Internet only session, but yet another failure of the ISDN line to Peel Acres in 2004 caused John to air it as a replacement, and worthy it is too, throwing the kitchen sink into an already full to overflowing basin of goodies. Absolutely marvellous, fresh, invigorating stuff.

Blizzard Boys, Peel Session (‘In The Mix’)
Shitmat, Peel Session (‘Shitmix’)

4 thoughts on “Bangers ‘n’ mash

  1. These don’t seem to download at the moment :( although it might just be my computer.

    Shitmat is great, not knowingly bumped into him here in Brighton but he’s pretty prolific, works under the name Kyler too if you’re looking out for him.

  2. Sorry about that, this prob has now been fixed. Have been listening to some of his stuff since posting this, sounds fun and wicked.

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