3 comments on “Not In It! (almost): Grindcore

  1. :D

    This is amazing. As it happens i was looking for this very performance on YouTube a matter of weeks ago, more because it was the KLF than because it was ENT, but couldn’t find it. i must have not been looking hard enough!

    It’s kind of scary thinking that ‘Scum’ is twenty years old this year, there’s very little that’s happened to extreme guitar music, let alone grindcore, to rival it since. (Extreme music in general is a different story of course…)

    Good work sir!

  2. Please, thommo, call me Steve, and come back as often as you wish. I post about three times a week on average, so there’ll be something to tickle your fancy again. I’m sure!

  3. Napalm Death’s You Suffer is my fav grindcore track. Quick and 4 seconds long, unlike Cheryl Cole, whose music is unfortunately not quick, but is full of 3 minute Simon Cowell-esque pop torture !!

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