5 comments on “Don’t walk away in silence

  1. the old misery gutses. i saw them a couple of times though and they were fine.
    if you ever hear the preston warehouse show the far too little to be there on a school night cheering is probably me.

  2. Actually, Peel played ‘New Dawn Fades’ after he announced Curtis had died.

  3. Lucky old you ally, is all I can say.
    If you can provide me with a link or something to back up your new evidence, Lee, I’d be really grateful, but as it is, I’ve rewritten the piece to include the information and where I found it. Cheers!

  4. The only reference I have is my memory of his show that night. I remember it because ‘New Dawn Fades’ wasn’t one of my favourite JD tracks at the time but became more powerful after that.

  5. Definitely ‘New Dawn Fades’ as posted on ‘The Ghost’ back in May and I think evidence beyond Lee’s amazing memory and my much less reliable one is in the Deborah Curtis book (‘think’ because my copy went to Oxfam after I’d read it – sorry).

    Like you I’ve seen lots of internet references to ‘Atmosphere’ being played but I think this is wrong. Unless he played both tracks, of course.

    Now if you’ll excuse me I need to get down to the station with my thermos and fish paste sandwiches because I’ve already missed eight Intercity 125s this morning already.

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