10 comments on “Happy Birthday To Me

  1. Hey! Happy birthday! And some good tunes to celebrate with . . . Bjork included!

  2. Hey! Happy Birthday To You indeed -from someone else who has never been water ski-ing, visited Australia or seen ‘Helter Skelter’. In fact, I had to Google ‘Helter Skelter’ to see what it was about. The Manson Murders? Pah! Give me ‘Monsters Inc’ any day.

    Legs & Co? An abomination!

    Have a great day on Wezza.

  3. Hey mate, happy birthday!

    Coincidentally you share the same birthday as my favourite person in the whole entire world. So that’s nice.

    As for songs about party games…off the top of my head…’Chinese Whispers’ by Melys? i’ll get my coat…

  4. Thanks to everyone who bothered to wish me a happy birthday. You’re all stars! x

  5. I remember seeing their original video on Good Morning Britain or whatever is was called back then and being amazed by what I heard. It probably made me realise that alternative music was really my thing.

  6. I’m guessing the wordless music programme was The Chart Show, which was broadcast on Friday evenings on Channel 4 in the 80’s.

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