4 comments on “The King Of the Surf Guitar

  1. Out of interest, was John Peel actually playing this stuff in the mid nineties or is it’s appearance in the festive fifty more a reflection of his Tarantino obsessed student listeners?

  2. In fact, Mick, Dick Dale’s first Peel session was in 1995 and his last in 2004, and JP chose ‘Let’s Go Trippin’ (from ‘Surfer’s Choice’) as the theme for ‘Home Truths’ (first broadcast 1998). Mind you, Tarantino himself used to do really wildly eclectic tapes for his friends, hence the ‘varied’ soundtracks: a characteristic he shared with JP, methinks.

  3. This particularly frantic new vein in his work was always present to some degree, but I think I can safely pinpoint it from around the time of ‘Tigers Loose’ in the 80s, as this was the first album he had recorded in nearly 20 years, and the beginning of his renaissance.

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