13 comments on “No Elvis, Beatles Or The Rolling Stones…In 1977

  1. Tell you what, pub rock has to be one of THE great neglected genres. My very good friend Dr Al did me a CD a while back rather beautifully entitled ‘The Sound Of Young Essex’ full of music from the likes of The Motors, Dr Feelgood, Nick Lowe and Dave Edmunds. It’s cracking stuff, though I have to say I like The Motors track on it (‘Love & Loneliness’- which sounds to be from the ‘Airport’ era) least. Must do a post on all that mallarkey some time.

    Any chance of some Feelgoods? Did they ever make the FF, oh guru?

  2. Ah yes, ‘Milk And Alcohol’, ‘Down Too the Doctors’…lovely stuff. Regrettably, dear Davy (and thank you for the new title of ‘guru’, what have I done to deserve this???), unless the future reveals any such tracks in the remaining 47 of the 77 Festive Fifty, they never appeared once in John’s venerable list. In fact, the only connection is that Wilko Johnson was once a member of Ian Dury and The Blockheads, who appeared in the 1978 FF with ‘Sex and Drugs and Rock’n’Roll’.

  3. Good post, you’ve inspired me to do my own mini Motors tribute. Don’t listen to Davy – he’s a lovely bloke but Love and Loneliness is wonderful.

    The Rezillos track is also great but we all knew that.

    I always remembered Althea and Donna’s live version of Uptown Top Ranking on TOTP as crap, but I saw it recently on TOTP2 and found it quite charming.

    I saw John Cooper Clarke supporting Be Bop Deluxe on the Drastic Plastic tour, probably where the Bill Nelson connection started. Have to confess I’ve never been a fan.

  4. I saw John Cooper Clarke in Liverpool supporting Be Bop Deluxe, I guess on the same tour — my first-ever gig. As JCC was support, I guess he was the first-ever live artist I saw. Good to place to start. Never really got into BBD, though.

    Steve W

    PS Enjoying So It Goes a lot. Good stuff.

  5. Looks like there is no grey area where either JCC or BBD are concerned…you either love ’em or hate ’em! Thanks for all the positive comments, people: I have to agree with Davy in one respect, in that pub rock is scarcely represented in Peely’s chart. No Feelgoods, no Kilburn and the High Roads, no Nick Lowe or Dave Edmunds (maybe one track in this ‘ere chart, but that’s unconfirmed)…just Ian Dury and the Motors, despite the fact that JP seemed to have played quite a lot of it. Moreover, pub rock was well-represented on ‘The Old Grey Whistle Test’, and most of the stuff featured there seemed to find its way into JP’s show too.
    I had another email from Rowen Smith, who reminded me of what the no. 16 song MIGHT have been, and some other salient facts concerning this murky part of the FF. I will definitely do a post at some point dedicated to the rumour mill on this chart.

  6. Thanks for the visit and the kind wishes — both very much appreciated. I have stopped by from time to time and enjoyed your offerings here very much. Thank you!

  7. Sorry Steve. We are still about but we’ve been so busy recently we’ve hard;y had time to talk to each other, let alone to the mp3-loving interconnected world. We’re not dead we’re just taking a break. Thanks for your support, keep up the good work.

  8. Fair enough B&T, thank you for getting in touch, I was concerned. Take very good care of each other, and look forward to seeing you back in action!

  9. blogger suspended me but i’m back now with a tweaked url – http.plilas9.blogspot.com – and the vicar is in the same boat but should be back soon! Crash

  10. Brilliant, Crash, thanks for touching base, and I’m happy the vic’s Ok too. Keep in touch!

  11. The world of blogging is so fragile isn’t it? I come to depend on blogs, then…..they just sort of grind to a halt (Lost Bands Of The New Wave Era, Dust On The Stylus) It’s nice to see we have a little support network out there, keeping us posted :)

  12. Thanks for the credit where credit isn’t due!

    The day job has been keeping me incredibly busy recently, but I’ll be back with more on FadesInSlowly soon, I promise.

    I used to be loath to admit that the Althea & Donna track was one of my all time favourites, before realising that Peel loved it. Now I just feel bad that I needed Peel’s approval to make it OK.

    Great work as ever, glad the comments are coming thick and fast.

    Adam from FadesInSlowly

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