6 comments on “For The Fallen

  1. It appears from the comments left on Lee’s post there are a lot of us 40-something recently deceased father bloggers. I wonder if that’s at all significant? I like your story about your dad turning off the electricity supply. I never managed to push mine that far but it wasn’t for want of trying.

  2. I don’t know, Mick, I wouldn’t like to speculate on the reasons for this. I’ve been racking my brains trying to remember what I was playing when he did that, but I do remember once being asked to turn off ‘Never Mind The Bollocks’. Mind you, I did have the speaker hanging out of the window. Next to the main street.

  3. My dad’s been gone four years last June, but I don’t recall him ever telling me to turn it down. But then, I never had the volume up much — and he did give my first Beatles album “Beatles 65.” I have to give him props for that!

  4. The Kurt Cobain details are highly disputable. I truly believe that Courtney Love (Satan burn her soul) paid her psycho-redneck friend to kill him so that she’d get all of his money instead of only half if she divorced him.

  5. Hi there, Terror (or can I call you Onion, since I already know you from Rare Indie Classics?). You astutely picked up on the question marks I placed around the cause of Kurt’s death. In fact, all of the artists I featured died in questionable circumstances, and we’ve definitely not heard the last of the Cobain story (just for the record, her recent antics prove to me that she’s a bitch as well).
    Whiteray, thanks for stopping by, and a great anecdote. I loved the Beatles too (in fact, it was Helter Skelter I got told to turn not down, but OFF one day).

  6. O.k. so those ?s weren’t just Korean letters that I can’t see then!
    You can call me OT, by the way!

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