5 comments on “And When They Ask Us, For They’re Surely Going To Ask Us, What Were We Fighting For?

  1. You speak the truth. This post is to your credit young man.

    This way to glory.
    Those down below say:
    This way to the grave

    (Bertolt Brecht)

    Have you heard Eric Bogle’s originals of tracks 2 and 3?

    Email me if not!

  2. Thanks Davy: all this ‘guts and glory’ just gets me sometimes, and the anger spilled out into this post. It goes back to 1982, when it seemed to me like Private Eye and I were the only ones against that stupid, stupid conflict engineered to keep T******r in power.

  3. Many thanks So It Goes.
    Dont forget ‘Easter Parade’ by the Faith Brothers which is all about 1982; when the bulldogs bayed and the pious prayed.

  4. Thank you crash and dick for the appreciation. I will seek out that track, dick, as background to another post in the planning. Cheers for the tip.

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