3 comments on “Do It Yourself

  1. Many thanks, SIG—you’ve made an expatriate proofreader very happy! Don’t the Bicycles sound as glorious as ever? The entire 50 (61) of ’77 is a joy—perhaps because JP chose the records, not his listeners? King Short Shirt, Snatch—who knew?!

  2. Glad I could be of service, Miles, and you can call me Steve! Yes, I must admit the 77 FF has been a source of great interest to me, not least because JP chose them himself for the one and only time. The oddest FF must be the 1997 one, where the tracks were voted for by phone. I only found out nos. 32-50 last month, and there is a weird variance between popular stuff that I suspect Peel wouldn’t have chosen himself and esoteric material.

  3. I asn’t familiar with the White Town track — which holds true for much you post here. Fascinating! Thanks — and thanks for stopping by my place!

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