4 comments on “Tom’s Midnight Garden

  1. Great record, and once you realise he’s singing “Gonna f*ck you with my Red Hot C*ck”, it’s actually funny as well……
    He’s done mental Drum’n’Bass as Amen Andrews, so a little foray into 2-step/underground garage was always on the cards…..

  2. Oh lordy! Is THAT what he is saying???
    rather reminds me of when Peely had to introduce ‘Cock And Ball Torture’, a German hardcore band, as repeated on that recent documentary.

  3. i did my usual trick with him of being excited by the first few records then losing interest entirely. i think it coincided with seeing a picture of him. i didn’t think anyone with hair like that should make records i like.

  4. Indeed, ally. Though, with my predilection for heavy metal, maybe I shouldn’t touch the sensitive subject of mullets…

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