3 comments on “You Know The Aga Khan: He Bought You A Racehorse For Christmas

  1. I remember hearing Peel play Shergar the Wonderhorse on Radio 1. I believe he played along with some pencils to improvise hoofbeats or some such tomfoolery. Anyway, it really was a cool record, and I did have a home taping of that show but I lost it. I liked it a lot, shame they split up without recording much.

  2. This song was originated by the band’s half-American drummer Norwood as a William Tell influnced galloping horsey drumroll ode to early Clint Eastwood’s “Rawhide” series and was instantly morphed by Sam (vocalist) into “Shergar” (The Wonder Horse). The song made it’s debut at the Manchester Roadhouse on 7 May ’96. A few days before the gig the band hung fliers all along Wilbraham Road bearing the infamouse horsehead profile as used by the IRA. A few weeks later, the IRA bombed Manchester city centre.

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