6 comments on “Surf’s Up

  1. Good work old boy. It’s clear that this must be a labour of love for all the spadework you put in.
    Tis appreciated.

  2. Thank you for that, Dick: any appreciation is valued. When you’re getting 100+ people a day reading your blog and about 10-20% of them downloading the music, one wonders why a little comment is above them.
    And yes, it is a labour of love: it’s a way of working out my obsession with the FF, but also a learning process. I have also made some great friends on the blog.
    Thanks once again.

  3. Ah, the Butthole Surfers….
    When we played in Austin, Texas, in 1993, a clearly Tripping Gibby followed us to the aftershow party, insisted we all sign his brand new white Levis, then proceeded to drink us all under the table, got our record company to pay his bill, forced us all to take drugs (oh, go on then) and told us some of the funniest, most unrepeatable rock’n’roll stories EVER. Gibby, you’re a gent and a scholar (though, of what, i’m not quite sure) and I salute you.

  4. For the uninitiated, Iain is referring to Gibby Haynes, the Surfers’ lead singer, and to their ‘well-reported appetite for recreational drugs’ (Wikipedia). A wonderful anecdote of rock’n’roll lifestyle from one who lived it and still remains a helluva nice guy (Iain, that is). I particularly like the ‘forced us all to take drugs’ bit: I can just imagine him holding all five of you down and pushing lines of coke down your throats! must have been torture ;-).

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