7 comments on “It’s Like Honey, You Can’t Buy It With Money

  1. When the Procession/Everything’s Gone Green single was out I felt alone in thinking Procession was by far the better song. All the talk at the time seemed to be about the other side.

    And Perfect Kiss? The ONLY way to listen to it is the full version with volume at 11. Brilliant, and my kids love the frogs.

    The wierd thing about Crystal is I can never remember how it goes until I play it. Guess you could say it’s not one of my favourites although I usually quite enjoy it when I hear it.

  2. When they make me choose I’m taking ‘Procession’ ‘Dreams Never End’ ‘Thieves Like Us’ and everything on ‘Power, Corruption & Lies’x

  3. So all three of us love ‘Procession’? Yet another sinister connection (‘Twilight Zone’ theme music plays)….

  4. yep chalk up another vote for procession – still always near the front of the singles pile to this day

  5. Same here. But who is Bernard Hook? (pedantic Tom). have you read Hooky’s my space blog? It’s hilarious.

  6. Well spotted, Tom! mistake corrected (getting me Sumners and Hooks mixed up…tch tch).

  7. Ah New Order, proof that lightning does indeed strike twice sometimes (and three times, if you want to think about Bernard’s involvement in Electronic). Thanks for all your comments on 17 Seconds by the way, much appreciated!

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