8 comments on “Bad Moon Rising

  1. oooooooooohhhhhh i feel scared already. mainly of the godam small beasts who will be knocking on our suburban hellhole door. oh to be back in no one bothers you kings cross now that haloween has arrived.
    tip top selection. is ghost town the best number one ever ?
    the long leggy iggy types threw themselves around thewarehouse dancefloor to bauhaus every week – takes me right back.

  2. Don’t give them nothing, Ally! and don’t be afraid, for TK will protect you with some more Christmas linking.
    Yes, a sure contender for that title is the Specials (or the original version of their other number one…of more anon).
    Thanks for the nice words. See you around!

  3. …or David Gray ;)

    The Wedding Present are another of those bands I never managed to ‘get’. Not a critisism of your post, just an observation because they seem to be popular on the blogosphere.

  4. Thanks dick, as usual you are always welcome.
    Davy and Mick: you should be ashamed of yourselves for mocking my public confession as to my less ‘street cred’ music tastes. I mean,if you REALLY want to hear some tat, look at my other blog…;-)
    I must admit, Mick, until ‘Kennedy’, I never had much time for the Weddoes: but that nearly clinched it, then going to see them live was the ultimate.

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