5 comments on “Queer As Fawkes

  1. Hey, I love the Siouxsie And The Banshees track! I missed them back when, but I’m not sure why, maybe too much suburban ennui. I recently found the group’s version of the Dylan/Danko song “This Wheel’s On Fire” and enjoyed that. Now this from your place. I’m gonna have to dig deeper. Thanks for the tune!

  2. I know you and Davy love Mediafire but for me the files take forever to download unlike Fileden, which downloads in seconds. Is it just me?

    I had to give up trying to download Little Feat.

  3. Finally got it. As with most Little Feat I can’t knock it but I can’t love it. Does that make sense?

  4. Whiteray: thanks for stopping by again! How I wish I had the time to visit your elegant and fascinating blog more often. How do you get the time to write all that?
    The Banshees also covered the Beatles’ ‘Dear Prudence’, and progressed from stark goth punk to this over a series of critically acclaimed albums. If you like this, Jujub and Dreamhouse are both well worth checking out. IMHO.
    Dear Mick: I’m really sorry you’re having trouble with Media Fire. I like it because of all its free features and user friendliness: and I have to say no-one else has reported downloading problems. If you really hit a brick wall, just e-mail me and I’ll gladly send the songs you want that way. They have a bug reporting page on their site, too.

  5. I’m bidding to be the first commentor to make the transition to featured artist. Can it be done?

    Check out my bid at Fades in Slowly…

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