4 comments on “Teenage Kicks At Christmas: Falling Into You

  1. Oh, that Peel box set is fab. My wife bought it for me last Christmas, and one track in, asked me very politely but firmly if I could appreciate it when she wasn’t there. Still, she’s just given me the Von Sudened LP (Mouse and Mars and Mark E. Smith collaboration, just in case anyone hasn’t heard (of)it), so I guess she’s happy for me to appreciate the work.

  2. Yes, the Fall are definitely an acquired taste: but in my view, one well worth acquiring. By the way, anybody visiting my other blog expecting to see some Fall Christmas tracks…come back tomorrow, when I’ve had a chance to write the post, please!

  3. FiS again…

    All I have to say is G0H0H09O! Did I ever post the video for this on FiS? Let me check.

    No one can deliver lyrics like Mark E Smith.

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