18 comments on “Apocalypse Now

  1. Hi, used to own this album, and always found the Gabriel-era Genesis fascinating if not always brilliant (think the opening to side two, Horizons, is lovely), and a couple of friends of mine swear by ‘Return Of the Giant Hogweed.’

    However, cannot seem to download this…


  3. Ed, I seem to be having problems with MediaFire at the moment, like lots of downtimes: please try again later, when they feel like not being offline and telling me things like I don’t have an account with them and stuff. I complained and was told it was due to ‘maintenance work’.
    Crash, I’m so glad you appreciate our efforts in this area (and thank you for your email too!). Look forward to my Dido and David Gray Christmas post…coming soon to your town ;-))

  4. Bloody great track. One of the high watermarks of prog in my opinion.

    There’s an awful lot of rubbish written about prog rock by people who have no idea what they’re talking about and just repeat received wisdom, so thanks for giving this a proper write-up. As a (not so) secret fan the ‘Mick’ rule of prog says that 8 minutes is the ideal track length. Once your find yourself making a side long 23-min track it had better be good. The trick is to break it down into manageable sections, preferably with a recurring theme. Even at this length Supper’s Ready doesn’t outstay it’s welcome.

    If you’re lucky I’ll send you a copy of Utopia’s The Ikon; 30 minutes and I don’t start to fidget until about 24 mins ;)

  5. Oddly enough, I’ve spoken to at least three of the people who were at the dinner party that this song was written about. None of them would reveal what went on, and apparently, have sworn a pact to that effect.

  6. Sorry. Could never see the point of prog rock even at its finest – which I’ve been assured this is. However I would have dearly loved to have been there when Banks, Collins and Rutherford saw Gabriel come onto stage in a red dress and foxes head. Priceless.

  7. Ooh, lots of interest in this. Thanks for your comments everyone.
    Mick, you’re right: keeping the interest by varying tempo and linking sections is what makes this so continually interesting. The Ikon track sounds very tempting: now what do I have to do to deserve that?
    Really, Iain? I must confess, I wanted to approach this with ingenuousness, so I deliberately didn’t do any research: but listening to it again with your piece of information only gives it a finer lustre.
    Vicar and Adam: it wasn’t the theatrics that got me, since I never saw them live either on video or for real. The music is all. One wonders if they would have got away with such staging nowadays.

  8. You don’t have to do anything, Steve. When i get the time to convert and upload it I will email you. I imagine it will be a bit of an endurance test if your not a Todd fan.

  9. I do love a bit of banter!
    Thanks, Mick, you’re a treasure. Davy, if you want 3 minute pop, can I suggest my other site? or just maybe I will post such soon…but there’s still Yes, Grateful Dead and Pink Floyd to get through. Decisions, decisions…

  10. I remember snapping at someone that ‘Pink Floyd were not prog -they were good!’ I suppose in my case, it was the fact that I loved punk and believed for many years that Sid vicious and Kurt Cobain did not die so that people would be listening to pompous waffle in 2007.

    Peter Gabriel’s solo stuff was pretty good though, and anyone who wants to slag off ‘Games Without Tears’…OUTSIDE. NOW.

  11. Er…Ed, I don’t wish to provoke your anger, but isn’t that ‘Games Without Frontiers’? (‘war without tears’ is part of the lyrics).

  12. 16 comments? 16? “What a fucking rotter.”

    I started writing a rather lengthy piece about the ethics of punk, individualism and music but decided to ditch it.

    Punk wasn’t/isn’t just another musicial scene it’s more than that. It’s about living your life your way. Something that’s becoming increasingly difficult in UK plc. Feast well at the table of music I say and always leave room for trifle.

    Iain: I’d like to know more!

  13. Couldn’t agree more, Gary: somewhat mystified by the Steve Jones quote, though…do I really look like Bill Grundy??? bloody hope not ;-)).
    Your thoughts about punk would have sat very well in my Damned piece, I must say. One wonders if anything comparable will ever happen again.

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