4 comments on “Teenage Kicks At Christmas: The Graveyard Shift

  1. There exists a recording of Peels punk show from December 1976 which includes The Damned in session , you can tell by Peels voice how thrilled he is by the punk bands and all the controversy surrounding them. The Damned have been overlooked by punk historians in my opinion but i’ve always loved them and they remain a fantastic live band to this day.
    Smash it up !!!!

  2. Yes, popgun, I have that show. The Damned have certainly never been overlooked by me and I look forward to putting more punk on this site. Thanks for stopping by! (and why don’t you vote in my poll while you’re here?)

  3. Getting a copy of that show was one of the things that kickstarted my unhealthy Peel obsession. Great post as ever.

    I’m going to put my Festive 3 on FiS in their full Peel show glory in the next few days.

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