7 comments on “Teenage Kicks At Christmas: Step Into Christmas

  1. Your blog has made it onto the Wikipedia John Peel page. Mine alas, has not, more surprisingly, nor has John Peel everyday.

  2. Like the Mogwai, though my download ‘jumps’ – does the original?

    Entrailicus – my advice on the Wiki – get in there and add yourself!

  3. Why did nobody think to add you, Adam? it’s certainly not reflective of the hard work you two put in. Davy’s advice is sound!
    I will check that, Davy: I didn’t transfer it using my usual programme, I used Windows…rats, that’s probably it.

  4. Top 3 choice as of today:

    3. Mighty Mighty – Is there anyone out there?
    2. Elastica/MES – How He wrote Elasticaman
    1. Only Ones – Another Girl Another Planet

    another day would probably be a different vote, maybe the Saturday Boy, Where is My Mind?, Come Out2NIte, Her Jazz, Ripe, Everything Flows??? How long have you got? (ermm about 92 hours…!)

  5. Just a few days to go until the results are finally revealed. Crikey.

    New Mogwai ne jump pas, and so I thank you dear boy.

  6. And: Thanks for your votes, so far the only ones to reach me via the comments box: however, I always left that facility open, so you are welcome. The results will be in in about a week; I have to reinvent the chart procedure following valuable suggestions from Phil (Edwards).
    Davy: My shelter in troubled times, my rock in stormy waters…or shouldn’t that be the other way round?? I’m glad you got a clean copy of this, it’s superb. Anybody who wants it has until the 17 December, as my two-week rule still holds, even in this season of goodwill.

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