11 comments on “The Best Of The Best Of The Best: The Bottom Of The 9th Inning

  1. Excellent to see it up and running! Looking forward to the next instalment, and so many great records in there.


  2. Indeed: however, for many bands, this is their only appearance in my poll. Fear not, for all tracks will be featured in time. Thanks for your thanks!!

  3. Yikes! I get thanks and a little dig in the same post :))) The wedding was fun, Scotland was cold and the only thing good about flying with three kids is they let you on the plane first.

    Loved the All Is Dream album, not something I say often about modern albums.

    Is it to early to start guessing what’s number one? I know you won’t give anything away but reckon it’s a classic by a band from Derry followed by the first indie release by a Manchester band. Any other readers care to take a guess?

  4. Some really interesting stuff here in the lower echelons, n’est-ce pas? When’s the rest coming Stevie boy?

  5. 73. Eggs, Government Administrator & 54. Stereolab And Nurse With Wound, Simple Headphone Mind – I simply must fix my record player. So many vinyl records I’ve not heard in ages. I just ordered a cassette deck today so I can begin digitising my Peel tapes. Might have to stretch to a new turntable too. Plus I need to get a dvd recorder to transfer several Peel tv programmes too. Phew it’s just as well I don’t ‘do’ Christmas!

    So Steve did you decide against the podcast idea then or is that going to take the form of the final countdown?

  6. “The podcast will follow soon enough”

    I expect everyone to devour every word of my posts. Memorise them. Save them. Print them out and frame them. But I’m sorry I missed that last bit. Guilty of scan reading I’m afraid.

    Looking forward to it Sir. (“,)

  7. Mick: My dear chap, your Scotland experience with your three (!) children sounds pretty amazing, actually: I’ve never been there, and would like to one day. As for your predictions…my lips are sealed…naturally..
    Davy: Probably in the middle/end of the week in five instalments, buddy.
    Gary: Sounds like you’ve got your work cut out, mate. But if you don’t do Crimbo…then haven’t you seen my other site?? :-((

  8. That’s funny to see Gigantic was so low down. And Destroy the Heart – a former no.1 at 79! I look forward to seeing the top 50.
    By the way, do you happen to have Paradise by Birdland? I’m in desperate need of it for something I’m doing.

  9. That’s the fickle nature of charts, isn’t it, Gary? By the way, scroll a little up the page to see your heart’s desire fulfilled…compliments of the season, buddy.

  10. Damn, all those songs are great! Intrigued to see my 3 haven’t appeared yet… as for #80, it could just as easily be my #1 next year, if – hopefully – you do this again.


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