8 comments on “They Coulda Been Contenders

  1. Nice one, Steve! I liked this single too, although I remember thinking the guitar riff was totally nicked from The Ruts’ “Staring at the Rude Boys”.

  2. If ever a band were both built up to such a level that they could never possibly achieve it by the NME and then consequently slaughtered by the same publication for making music that was merely quite good, it’s Birdland. The poor buggers never stood a chance.

    Interesting cover of Patti Smith’s ‘Rock n’ Roll Nigger’ for anyone who never heard it.


  3. Duffpaddy: Thanks mate: long time no see! and where were your votes for my poll??
    ally: depends on your definition of noisy, I suppose (to my mother, anything I played that she didn’t like fell into this category). Great comp, can’t wait for the next!
    Adam: Truer words never spoken, buddy, and it wasn’t the only time that the music business turned on its own in such cavalier fashion. Bastards.

  4. I saw them at The Electric Ballroom in Camden once. 13 minutes later and 2 smashed guitars it was all over.

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