5 comments on “The Best Of The Best Of The Best: nos. 40-31

  1. Top work our kid.
    Hope the snotfest has dried up and all gorn.
    Have a tremendous Christmas.


  2. Thank you for posting this!

    BTW according to legend, there is a 78 minute version of ‘little fluffy clouds’ – but I have never come across it. Do you know anything about this?


  3. ‘Saftey Net’ ? Now who gets the F for spelling? Huh?

    Lovely,lovely…I’m so glad you’re doing this and not waiting to Coughcast x

  4. Dick: What a lovely way you have with words, sir. I am feeling much better, thank you. Merry Christmas to you and yours.
    Ed: My pleasure.The longest version of Little Fluffy Clouds I can find is the nearly 11 minute one on Live 93. Since it’s been remixed so many times, maybe this is an unofficial one?
    Davy: Truly hoisted with my own petard: mistake corrected (fussy git ;-))). Glad you’re enjoying the chart, looks like I’m going to complete it before Dandelion start theirs!!

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