7 comments on “The Best Of The Best Of The Best: Top 10

  1. Genuinely surprised by the top 10 if not the number 1. Always preferred ‘Transmission’ myself but there you go.

    Looking forward to seeing how different next year’s all-time chart will be!


  2. Wow…very impressed by the fact that you have had TWO labours of love on the go this last month. Looking forward to hearing the songs (roy harper, sa Chung) I don’t know too!

    Here’s to next year’s…


  3. Adam: Funnily enough, Mick predicted two of the top 10, but yes, nos. 2 & 6 surprised me when the computer spewed out the final report.
    Ed: Well, that’s me, selfless to the nth degree…but I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t enjoy it. Of course, blogging has meant that I’ve met wonderful people like you, so hard work is its own reward!
    I don’t think I’ll do this chart next year, maybe I will do something like favourite session tracks, for the hardcore Peelites: what do you think?

  4. I’m going to suggest that Rocklist include your chart on its Peel page.

    I’m really quite glad that it doesn’t resemble one of those typical obvious ‘what you’d expect everyone to choose’ charts.


  5. Thanks Adam, you are very kind and I am extremely flattered that something I did just for the hell of it met with your approval.
    Truly, I am very glad it wasn’t that kind of chart: all the effort I spent compiling it would have seemed wasted.

  6. Hana is one of the best songs i ever heard Peel play. i remember him opening a show with it once and i was completely awestruck, it is beautiful.

    Peel sessions idea is good. i am already thinking of a personal top five in my head.

  7. well done on a fine project brilliantly executed dear boy.
    i look forward to more gems next year x

    ps – your record prize is in the post (tomorrow)

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