5 comments on “Hogmanay

  1. U2 ? The “public’s” taste sometimes amazes me !
    Look at Radiohead – in 1980 they
    would have been lucky to get a John Peel session. Their singer is like a lad doing karaoke to the Cocteau Twins ! Emperor’s new clothes, anyone ?

  2. From your comments here and elsewhere, Toby, I would say you’re not Radiohead’s biggest fan, right? Although I quite like them, you are probably correct about the Peel session: one only has to look at what talent was available to realise that no, maybe Radiohead would not have shared elbow room with the likes of the Specials, Teardrop Explodes or OMD…but then, their brand of music wasn’t around then, so it’s one of those hyoptheticals, isn’t it?

  3. …though (and I have my hardback copy of Margrave… in front of me to confirm this), Sheila does confirm that he had a softness for ‘Sultans Of Swing.’ I can understand this, it is a cracking tune.

    As for U2, I do like a lot of what they’ve done, even if I’m not so keen on what they have done in the last decade. Interestingly, the inclusion of New Year’s Day in the Festive Fifty confirms what I think is true: that John did not have to have played the record for it to be eligible for inclusion in the Festive Fifty.


  4. Yes, Ed, I’m aware of the Dire Straits story, but that’s for another day. And as for your second observation…I did a whole post on this on the 2 August last year (good God, that’s already how we have to talk about 2007!!)

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