7 comments on “Within You, Without You

  1. We might not write much anymore, but we still read! Keep up the good work and thank you for remembering us at Hey Charlie!

  2. Hey fuck face. I love you too.

    Seriously, much strength and stamina for 2008.


  3. Bianca And Thomas: Glad to see you’re still around, I still miss you…but thanks for writing in.
    Dick: How could I forget to namecheck you, a real stalwart of both my blogs, with your delicate and poised rhetoric (I’m sure that’s a quote from a Fall track)? My sincere apologies, and thanks for your best wishes. (And make sure you start a fuckin’ blog. alright?? ;-))
    EdCheers, my man, look forward to your 400th post some time this year! and thanks for all your support.
    All: Thank you so much for being great friends, and here’s to more good times ahead.

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