6 comments on “Class Act

  1. Happy New Year, Steve. Surprised there are no comments on this one. Here’s my memory of it…

    By 1995 I had long given up watching TOTP but but I happened to catch Pulp performing Common People (which I had never heard before) one week and I was instantly hooked. Different Class is easily the best of my four Britpop CDs (gives you an idea of what a big spender I was in the 90s).

  2. a legendary band, song, album and time.

    My favourite song of the year. I was in the crowd for their headlining appearance at Glastonbury that year, where they filled in for the Stones Roses and were absolutely amazing. the live version appeared on the CD single of Misshapes, the next single, and it encapsulates the whole time.

    It was a wonderful weekend. On the Monday I went home, passed my driving test on the Tuesday and left school for good at the end of the week. The world was at my feet (!)

    Pulp were a phenomenal band, and Peel always had a fondness for them. The first time I ever heard Pulp was on Peel (they weren’t a daytime radio kind of band in those days, something that would change in the following years) with Razzamatazz. But he would still play stuff off this Is Hardcore, a difficult album, but worth persevering with. And I saw them live twice in 1998, including their Finsbury Park all-dayer.

    Ah, happy days…


  3. Mick: Happy New One to you too, Michael. Glad my piece brought happy memories (by the way, what were the other Britpop CDs you had? Parklife? What’s The Story Morning Glory?? could run a competition on that one…
    Ed: HNY to you too, obviously Pulp mean a lot to you also! I can only remember thinking how impossible it was that anybody could be that thin, and the brilliant piss-take on Brass Eye: ‘Pogo on that you twat’ (sounds like a line that dick van dyke would have come up with ;-))

  4. it’s easy to forget that they’ve been going forever – we busked ‘my lighthouse’ off of their first lp when i first went to paris a million years ago – and have been fabulous throughout

  5. Actually I’ve got five: Different Class by Pulp, two by the Lightning Seeds (I only remember buying one, the other must have been a gift), All Change by Cast (two brilliant singles and not much else) and White On Blonde by Texas (one good single). Those last two are actually my wife’s, not mine. I’ve also got a couple of Shine type compilations, Blurs Greatest Hits and Stanley Road if that counts. The nineties were hell for me: I couldn’t stand the baggy scene, grunge or hip hop. Meanwhile some of my old favourites (eg Bowie, Bill Nelson, Paul Weller and Prefab Sprout) forgot how to make decent albums. Britpop at least produced some good singles.

    God, reading that back I sound like a grumpy old man, which I’m really not. I should stress I really loved some Britpop singles.

  6. I must be the only one who doesn’t care for ‘Different Class’ all that much, it’s OK but I much prefer ‘His n’ Hers’ and (especially) their last album ‘We Love Life’

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