5 comments on “(Get) Down With Tractors

  1. i love how they desperately try and deny their indieness or any kind of cuteness and then call songs truck train tractor.

  2. *bows deeply*
    Thanks for the kind words, fella. All i really wanted to do is emulate some of the great blogs that made me want to start doing this, so you are, at least, partly to blame. Nice post, and great to see The Pastels on the net.
    Oh, and BTW, for the real hardcore fans, it was ALWAYS about the Pastels badge, for some reason: if you didn’t have one of those on your anorak, you were no-one :)

  3. It’s a (rather sad) badge of pride for me that I have managed to see the last four c86 bands still together in the last few years: Wedding Present, Pastels, Primal Scream and Half Man Half Biscuit.

    It does make me laugh to hear that they aren’t keen on the ‘indie’ label, it’s like the Cure or Siouxsir moaning that they weren’t goths. c’mon…

    Oh, and truck train tractor is my favourite pastels track ever. Thank you.

  4. Cheers everybody: though the Pastels may have been confused about their identity, they produced some good stuff, it cannot be denied.

  5. they say god moves in mysterious ways…

    my 4 year old son has just returned from nursery and found an old shoe box of mine with this and that contained therein. he has been handing me various star wars figures and concert tickets asking “what’s that daddy?” as he goes. anyway, just as i started reading this entry on the pastels (one of my favourite bands of all time btw) he handed me a badge bearing the legend “pastel-ism”. you could have knocked me down with a feather…

    i know it’s not exactly the twilight zone, but an odd coincidence i’m sure you’ll agree.

    team trike

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