4 comments on “To Hull And Back

  1. erm, wasn’t the version of Brimful Of Asha the non-Fatboy Slim mix which only properly came out in 1998, and became Cornershop’s first and so far only No.1 hit?

    I seem to be one of the only people at the time who preferred the non-fatboy version!


  2. Ed: It was indeed, o sharp-eyed one! Yes, I added this track not as the FF entry per se, but as a kind of bonus and a link with his other work: however, I grant you that’s not clear from my post. Rest assured, the bona fide LP original will be posted, as that’s what JP played on the 1997 FF show. Thanks for pointing it out (I’m surprised no-one else bothered).
    Anonymous: For the first time ever, I have deleted a comment. DO NOT put fucking long-winded quasi-religious preaching bigotry in here. Ever.

  3. Sorry Steve, it was meant as an observation not a criticism.

    as for anonymous putting bogited comments in, I’m not surprised you deleted it, I would have done the same.


  4. Lol, no worries buddy, it wasn’t taken as such. Hell, it just gave me an excuse to tinker with my post again (ooeer sounds a bit rude), which I just love doing!! ;-))
    Cheers also for the support on that spam message, it really annoys me when people do that.

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