5 comments on “Great Chieftain O’ The Puddin’ Race

  1. It is an absolutely classic track, very beautiful indeed. And as a teached, I find it interesting to read his input on it all.

    Will be posting their version of ‘A Man’s a man for all that’ later this week in honour of Burns.

  2. Steve… This may appeal.. I was slighty drunk in our local KAM WOK & on the battered old telly they were going on about Scottish poets & burns night… As its close to the Chinese new year, I managed to persuade Lee the owner, to have a CHINESE BURNS night .. So he has promised me (in front of witnesses) that on the 29th he is going to put “Mc” in front of everything on the menu… “McSweet & Sour Chicken” & “McSpecial Fried Rice” .. What a guy!!!
    Saw BALLBOY 3/4 years .. Didn’t really get them live .. Quite like the records

  3. Ed: It certainly is, my man, and I look forward to that track.
    Davy: Of course! I have more than one version, and still regard it as too short.
    Dave: Yes, in fact I get five days off the week after next due to that fact. The Chinese restaurants I went to in Oxford mainly dealt in ‘McFood Poisoning’, but I’m sure your guy’s establishment is not of that ilk, and I have to say he has a great sense of humour.

  4. I have only seen Ballboy once, even though they are from Edinburgh. Saw them five years ago supporting the Delgados (now there’s a night for Peel fans and scots indie!), thought they were pretty good.


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