8 comments on “Ghost In The Machine

  1. I’d never seen that video before. Fucking brilliant. If I’m not mistaken, some of the graphics were taken from Microdeal’s ‘Space Shuttle Simulator’ on the Dragon32. Incredible days. (he said sarcastically)

  2. That’s something that can be difficult to explain to youngsters today: the impact a record had at the time. I think you only fully understand if you were there.
    I’m a member of the owners club and I knackered my old Wharfdale speakers listening to this.

  3. I remember reading a review of it in Smash Hits when it came out, by ‘Red Starr'(sic) I believe. He said something to the effect that to call this cheap, mediocre and obviously to be short-lived record after a classic Fats Domino song was a bit like Harold Robbins publishing a novel called ‘Hamlet’.

    Years later he as of course been proved right – ‘New Order’s ‘Blue Monday’ has passed into unplayed obscurity, whereas Red Starr is acclaimed as one of the greatest rock writers of his generation.

    Mick – I looked for your pic on that Owner’s Club but couldn’t find it. Where are you? I am an owner too, so must upload…

  4. What is it with reviews, especially negative ones, that makes them stick in your mind? I don’t know what I did last week but I can remember 30 year old reviews in detail. I thought it was just me. (It’s never just you, says Davy)

    Regarding the owners club, what I meant was I bought the original floppy disc lookalike 12-inch. I would never join a club that would have me as a member.

  5. 48 Crash:According to Wikipedia, the game is Zaxxon, reportedly the Apple II port.
    Mick and Davy:Absolutely. I was at Uni in 1983 and every Friday night disco memorably hammered this out. As for negative reviews, my personal favourite was one in NME that encapsulated the Communards beautifully: “Their songs are all either thumping 70s disco or lachrymose ballads about people dying of AIDS. Jimmy Somerville looks like a lentil and sings as though he’s about to come to the boil.”

  6. I can join that club too, not that I’m a joiner of things.

    I don’t remember being blown away by Blue Monday, great record of course but I think at the time I was more wowed by ‘Everything’s Gone Green’ – that was the first time they did the electro dance thing and it was a real surprise.

  7. I’ve always prefered Temptation – absolute genius and not just because it ‘fades in slowly’

    Adam FiS

  8. An owners club eh! Hadn’t heard about that one before. I do have the original 12″ version but to echo the post above I wouldn’t join any club which would have me as a member :)

    I was an avid Peel listener and New Order obsessive back in the 80s and remember one night he played this very long song which lasted about 7 minutes. This was around the time when New Order were doing the same. Before playing it, Peelie announced that this was the ‘new single from New Order’. Completely fell for this one hook, line and sinker, 7 minutes later he said it wasn’t New Order, it was….Pink Floyd!

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