5 comments on “Pyromania

  1. Weird to think that I couldn’t stand the Prodigy when they first came along, but then I think I kind of saw ‘dance’ as being the enemy of house music or something silly like that.

    In time the Prodigy really grew on me, I know it was Breathe which came out the same year, with its joy division bass-lines whihc changed my perspective on things a lot.

    As for that tube tunnel…pretty sure that was where suede did the video for Saturday night. Funny ol’ world…

  2. As an Old-School hardcore kid, The Prodigy were HUGE for me: I was even more impressed to find out that Liam knew about us, and was into what we were doing (this led to our credit on the “Jilted Generation” sleeve, and Liam doing a remix for us..)
    One of the greatest gigs i’ve ever seen was The Prodigy and SL2 (both on XL at the time) at The Camden Palace in 1992, I stood at the side of the stage whilst record company reps threw E’s into the mouths of all of the journalists who’d turned up to review the show. The entire thing degenreated into the worst type of bacchanalian excess you could imagine, but was fairly obviously one of the greatest nights out EVER.
    And, i’ve got to say, as much as I love The Prodigy, “On A Ragga Tip” wipes the floor with all they ever did…sorry :(

  3. Peel never really played any of the Prodigy’s stuff, except perhaps some obscure tracks from them in 1991, but in the mid 90’s, they never really got into his playlists.

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