5 comments on “A Rose By Any Other Name

  1. Fabulous song, fabulous cover.

    BTW was looking for The Green fields Of France the other day. the only version that iTunes has is on an album called Smugglers and Bounty hunters, whihc is a live recording. Was this the version that made the Festive fifty, ‘cos I’m still looking for it!


  2. No, Eduardo, the Tabor version was from Ashes And Diamonds…and have patience, your wish will be granted very soon.

  3. Bit late to the game on this, but only just listening to Gary’s newly posted FF96 and #32 is Babylon’s Burning by Zion Train (featuring sample of Ruts original vocal, as well as Dave Ruffy on drums, previously of the Ruts themselves according to Mark Whitby’s great “Festive Fifty” book).

    Does this count for your list? Or did you mention it already and I didn’t notice?

    Steve W

  4. No, Steve, you have well and truly hoisted me with my own petard. Well spotted indeed! I have adjusted accordingly.

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