10 comments on “End Of The Century

  1. dickvandyke said: Some achievement Steve – esp with the prolific Christmas bumper bundle taboot.

    Well done lad.

    Peely would say something like, “It is a very good achievement you know. Unprecedented since Bob Paisley’s”.

  2. Blogger let me down. This is actually my 101st post, but, since it would not allow me to add the tag for some strange reason, I had to redo the whole post…and consequently my lovely friends’ comments. Thank you, Davy and dick, two of my staunchest allies, and two wonderful people to boot.

  3. Congratulations! thanks for all the great posts and wonderful music, much of it unavailable elsewhere!

    Here’s to the next one hundred!


  4. That gave me the biggest laugh of the day, Davy, thank you.
    Cheers, Ed: it’s a fact that, although I have to write about the Fall, Weddoes and New Order for the sake of completeness, it’s the esoteric stuff that really interests me…when I can find things about it (see my latest post).

  5. I left a congratulatory note earlier but for some reason it didn’t publish. So once again…congratulations on reaching the century and I look forward to the next 100.

  6. hey, is this a private party chaps or can anyone join in? having not long owned a computer you might say i’ve got a bit of catching up to do. i’ve only just discovered your site (through a recommendation from one of the other ace peel sites out there) but i think i’m gonna have some fun here. this beloved track for instance is lovely and bette davis and laika…WONDERFUL!! So thank you for your hard work and i apologise in advance for the mass plunder of mp3s i am about to undertake!!


    team trike

  7. Which site was that, then, team trike? Glad to hear the word is being spread. And don’t apologise for taking the mp3s!!! nobody else does ;-)). Seriously, I’ve had a fair few people tell me that it led them to investigate further and buy the music they downloaded, so that’s all to the good.

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