3 comments on “Look Back In Anger

  1. Cheers Steve. Bloody marvellous track that is. I had the original 7″ many years ago but it went awol and it must’ve been close to 15 years since I heard that. Chumba are still one of my favourite bands, actually heading back to Blighty to see them in March on a couple of dates. They’re less angry now of course and more folky but the message in their songs is still relevant. When they toured here on the back of Tubthumping in 1997 they sold out good sized venues and reached a level of fame that was bewildering given they were Chumbawamba but the fan base here soon deserted them and they haven’t tour the States since then.
    Thanks again for posting, much appreciated.

  2. Thanks for posting that one Steve, as ever, it’s the stuff that can only be found on e-bay or wherever else that is so great to find here. Found a couple of Men They Couldn’t Hang LPs in a shop in Glasgow today, which I wouldn’t have bought if it hadn’t been for hearing them here.


  3. Thanks each. It’s odd to think that I’m getting a reputation for being ‘Mr. Rare’, since it took me so long myself to find all this stuff, but it’s the thing that attracted me to write about the 50 in the first place.

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