6 comments on “Everybody Loves A TV Show

  1. A brilliant choice for Valentine’s Day! I first saw the Weddoes at the Whisky-A-Go-Go in Los Angeles in 1989. I must have seen them another 6-8 times in LA, SF and NYC through 1996. The Bizarro/SeaMonsters shows were great, and I especially liked the live performances of the their Hit Parade singles (Silver Shorts, Blue Eyes, Flying Saucer, Love Slave…ah, memories). They do an excellent cover of “Come Up and See Me (Make Me Smile) by Orange Juice.

    M in Hong Kong

  2. Uh, Mark, at the risk of sounding like the complete and utter trainspotter I am, the Orange Juice cover they did was Felicity, the make me smile cover was Steve Harley and Cockney rebel.

    Howvere, they are, as you say, excellent cover versions and having seen them live twice in the last three years I am envious of your higher tally!

    Ed, 17 Seconds

  3. ‘Whisky A Go Go in LA’. Fuck me it sounds cooler than The Duchess Pub in Leeds. (Sadly no more).

  4. Kennedy. Brilliant.

    Duchess of York. John Keenan tried to do for Leeds what Tony Wilson and Roger Eagle did for Manc. and Lpool but it never happened. Futurama was a brave effort at putting Leeds on the map. Saw great shows at the Duchess though (Ride in 1990 probably the best) and at its former guise The Robin Hood (usually drunken Three Johns shows).

    Leeds is so centered on the musical map these days but that still seems weird after the gothic doldrums of the 80’s to this loiner living in Boston, MA.

    Never a big Weddoes fan. Gedge is red, nuff said.

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