6 comments on “Class Of 77: Shedloads Of Reggae In The Blogosphere

  1. Short lived? Short lived? You will be hearing from my lawyers just as soon as Mick’s done with them)…x

  2. One reggae track that got extremely heavy rotation from Peel in 1980 was Errol Scorcher’s “Roach In The Corner”, a serious dub workout with early dancehall stylings.

    I was tuning in most nights that year, and if I had 10p for every time he played that track, I’d have, oooooh, about £1.50.

    As well as being a good track, I suspect it was played a lot due to its 7 minute length, giving chance for a coffee and a snout :)

    Great stuff!

    cheers, Craig

  3. I have both Truly and Right Track on 12″, must have bought them after hearing John play them – how else would a white boy from Derby know about such tunes?!

    Never met anyone else who has heard them… and then along came your blog! Aren’t they great?

    I’m sure my copy of Truly is credited to “The Jayes” on the Different record label – but Jayes/Jah Hayes – same person? Who knows.


  4. Truly is indeed credited to “The Jayes & Ranking Trevor” according to the linked article. (The Jayes were a trio.)

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