26 comments on “Stupid Useless Bastard

  1. I’m spitting blood at this moment. the Daily Telegraph is the daily Mail for posh upper-class wankers. I also bitterly resent the conservative (both with big and small ‘c’s) that come from within this. It’s an insult to so many, and whoever wrote it needs psychiatric treatment.

  2. I can only agree, Ed. Suffice to say his opinion is supported by almost no-one, as far as I can see. Maybe I’m preaching to the choir, but even without my allegiance to JP, I can see no factual basis for this vitriolic and specious attack. I especially like the hypocrisy with which he condemns people who see funerals as a piss-up (a fair point, although I’d like to meet ‘all’ the funeral directors he spoke to) and then in the next, takes a pot-shot at someone who is no longer around to defend himself. What a twat.

  3. I always thought it went “A teenage dream’s so hard to beat, everytime she walks down the street” ie the “Teenage Dream” refers to an attractive young girl – so the punctuation may be incorrect, but not in the way the Tory wanker wrote. In my mind the line has always been a veiled allusion to beating off… but maybe that’s just me?

  4. What does it tell you when an absolute wanker puts down a quote from a song about the depressurization shuffle? I think it’s safe to say that John Peel changed the world of music before he left it. Michael Henderson will die having changed nothing more than his incontinence pants.

  5. Erm, you could also post ‘The Fight For History’ by MJ Hibbett & the Validators.

    And as someone whose entire blog persona is based on The Wind in the Willows, I find that whole business personally offensive.

    More than anything else the smugness deserves a sharp kick in the ‘nads. If the epitaph is a quote, you prick, you do not need to wank yourself off for an entire paragraph excusing the grammar of the original. That gracious generosity should have been dispensed when the original was written.

    On the off chance anyone gave half a flying fuck in the first place.

    ‘Scuse my language, obviously.



  6. Thank you all for your supportive comments. I never realised the song was about that, but it’s appropriate that most of us have chosen to call Henderson a wanker. Because that’s what he is.

  7. A sick review from a sick critic writing for a sick “newspaper”. I can think of a few inscriptions for Henderson’s tombstone…

  8. BTW have you read this over at Song By Toad?



  9. you know i was taking my son to a hockey game the other night and on the way there the song teenage kicks came on. At first due to my advanced age i was waiting for laughs of derision to start emanating from my 15 year old, but none came.
    as i was listening i wondered to myself if this song wasn’t meant for a much younger person to be listening to and i soon came to realize that i used to be young and did enjoy this song and still enjoy its somewhat stunted lyrics and even the voice that is feargul sharkey.sure it doesn’t mean to me what it meant to Mr. Peel but so what.the bible means a lot to some and none to others, what of it?
    After reading the sniping comments of the professional cynic i have come to realize that the writer is a closet pedophile and the lyrics struck too close to home

  10. Thank you all for the post with the largest number of comments I have ever received. I recommend ’17 Seconds’ ‘and ‘Song, By Toad’ for their excellent reviews of this pile of wank. But, really, one thing I have come to realise is that this tosser isn’t worth the effort.

  11. Seemed a fairly balanced and innocuous article to me.Peel was a music lover but also a great self publicist and general media tart, you can’t spend that long in the music business without becoming one. The grave stone comment was his choice, I find it cringing but if his family draw comfort from it that is all that matters really…..

  12. ‘Seemed a fairly balanced and innocuous article to me’.


    No wonder you didn’t leave your name

  13. Thank you to the last comment from ‘anonymous’: I’m all for freedom of speech (as was the ‘self-publicising’ Mr. Peel), and you have every right to say what you think.
    Even if it has no basis in fact.
    Mr. Henderson’s article is, it appears to me that it is anything but balanced. He seems intent on proving that JP was stupid and extremely lucky to be where he was at all. Yes, he happened to be around at an extremely fertile time for music. He was under no illusions that he was really only living out his hobby, which is why he labelled himself ‘a fat chap who plays records’.But he also worked harder than any other DJ in the cause, not of himself, but of the music he loved. He recorded programmes for the World Service, Finnish Radio, BFBS and Radio Mafia which few apart from the hardcore Peelites have ever heard. He attended gigs by bands that other people would rather avoid.
    He did more, in short, to make the British public love him than I suspect Mr. H. has ever done.
    Furthermore, for an article to be innocuous, it would have to be completely harmless to everybody, and the fact that so many people have leapt to his defence (not just here, but on other blogs too) seems to me to disprove everything that the article states, and to prove that Henderson has upset a lot of people. I defend your right to your own opinion, ‘anonymous’, but question how many people are going to agree with you. To quote the comedian Rob Newman, in this comment box there are 13 people who like John Peel. And there’s you.
    Finally, it’s comforting to know that an anonymous comment can to some degree protect you from backlash for your somewhat outre opinions, but it’s churlish, isn’t it, to take a cheap shot at a respected music journalist who has spent a lot of time and energy writing about music (over 400 posts to date) just for the love of it. I suggest you read ’17 Seconds’ some time before you perpetrate ill-informed baiting soundbites like that. Oh well, if Ed has a crush on JP, then we are all guilty. Bet it hasn’t stopped you downloading some of the mp3s from here, though.
    Have a nice weekend.

  14. Cheers for that, Steve! Amused by ‘Anonymous’ rather than offended by him or her, particularly since they fail to understand that yours is a blog about John Peel and the music he championed.

    Oh well, one in every crowd!


  15. I found it amusing that this newspaper article had most of you pounding your keyboards in a pseudo rage & seemingly ready to visit the offices of the Daily Telegraph demanding the authors head.
    Relax, there’s much more serious things happening in this country that will have you in a genuine rage before long.
    I liked Peel, but the only thing I would’ve pulled him up on is his unleashing of Billy Bragg on the world. UGH !

  16. Hmmm…why ‘pseudo’? So you don’t think any of us mean what we say? I have already stated that I don’t think the guy or his piece is worth the effort, but, if one writes a reactionary piece such as this, one should expect to take the backlash, don’t you think? It says a lot to me that this post has attracted more comments than anything else I have ever written.
    By the way, just for you, my next post will be about Billy Bragg. If you don’t like his voice, you can at least admire his songwriting ability – which is considerable.

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