5 comments on “Croeso At Cymraeg Cerddoriaeth

  1. “Oh no it can’t be true
    Everybody’s saying Welsh bands are cool
    Oh no, that can’t be right
    Apart from Helen Love they’re all shite!”

    Anyone else remember “Welsh Bands Suck” by Teen Anthems?

    cheers, Craig

  2. Adam: Don’t worry, buddy, Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci will have their own little corner (not all their records were in Welsh).
    Craig: Don’t recall that mate, must seek it out.

  3. yes, i remember teen anthems! it’s a hilarious record (seeing as the artists sound welsh). i seem to remember the b side sounding exactly the same but ‘welsh bands’ replaced with ‘blur and oasis’.

    growing up listening to bands i love being shared with other people across the uk, and respected (cf. the attitude mentioned in the song above) by such a kind voice meant so much to me growing up!


    that there’s the ‘datbygu bible’.

    it’s in welsh, but full of goodies.

  4. Thanks for that, dros: unfortunately, the fact that it’s in Welsh makes it impossible for me to find anything. However, just by random clicking, I found a postcard that JP had sent to David R. Edwards. Treasurable.

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