3 comments on “Blues Run The Game

  1. i confess to having a particular soft spot for the Stripes, i’d say that Hendrix was as much of an energetic recreator as they were really, even though we’ve not had as much hindsight to go on.

    i seem to remember that, before White Blood Cells, someone wrote into the NME saying that they’d heard John play a track of De Stijl years earlier and that the magazine’s claim to having ‘discovered’ them was utter bunk. i think he did have a few of the early singles when they came out as his record box included some REALLY rare stuff of theirs, like their EP of Captain Beefheart covers for instance.

  2. It wouldn’t surprise me at all, Thomas.
    Thanks for the link, Adam: am listening to it (and grooving) as I write.

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