8 comments on “Frankie Say No More Festive Fifty Entries

  1. Fabulously produced first album, has Duran Duran and Spandau Ballet rightly shitting themselves for a while.

    Remember folks, it was still extremely uncommon to be this gay in public in ’84.


  2. What still cracks me up is that Americans found their covering Bruce springsteen’s Born To Run heresy. Hmm, like there weren’t any homoerotic overtones there, or on the album cover of Born In The USA…

    Cheers for posting this mix -will have to raid the internet to get hold of that John Peel session.


  3. The back cover of the 12 inch single had loads of stats on the number of nuclear missiles each side had.

  4. Adam: Right on the money on both counts, mate.
    Ed: Yeah, they just didn’t get it, did they? BTW, I have updated the post and answered your prayers…
    Davy: Oops! What would I do without you, my dear buddy??? Never was much good on any history after 1945…
    Adam again: Yes, I vaguely remember that. Looks like they’re finally getting the message (20 years later).

  5. Thank you!! Why is this stuff never commercially available. Also the very first time I have heard these songs without the Trevor Horn production, which is a great insight into hopw good they really were.


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