2 comments on “Alive And Kicking

  1. Ah yes.

    In or around 1979, from the mire of terrorism, ‘1 in 10’ unemployment, and (worst of all) ‘big haired rock’ rose Northern Ireland’s finest bog men.

    Just like me back then, The Undertones knew little and cared even less. They were innocent, straightforward and unpretentious -yet brimming with energy and the unadulterated passion of youth. I was 16. I liked beer, chocolate and girls.

    Derry’s Undertones were called ‘Ireland’s 1st punks” – but I never saw them as punks. They just looked like me and my mates; unfashionably normal, shabbily dressed, non-confrontational, skinny and needle-sharp. I saw them at my first ever gig and I was Hypnotised.

    And now in life, the best part of 30 fuckin’ years later, whenever I get to thinking to myself, ‘How on earth did I get this jaded?’ I stick on an Undertones album.

    Blah .. blah .. blah … – paralysis by analysis. I suspect many under 25s may glaze over when they see some old gipper like me bangin’ on about a time before they were born?

    Anyway, with The Undertones, it was all about the songs. I mean, it’s not difficult – just crank up the volume, smile, leap around and listen!


  2. Wise and wonderful words, Dick. We do over-analyse, and we do forget it’s all about having fun, cos it’s all done and dusted too soon. As Nietzsche said, ‘Life is a thousand times too short for us to allow ourselves to be bored’.

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