6 comments on “Polls Apart

  1. This article finally convinced me that I had to start podcasting, so you can judge its worth based on my efforts if you wish.

  2. Glad you enjoyed the article!

    I agree I should have been more specific in that last paragraph – he himself was an absolute pleasure to listen to!

  3. Adam: Oh, I most certainly did and wonderful food for the ears it was!!
    Tom: Well, this blog has certainly become a friend to all the stars: Iain Baker, Ken Garner, Vinny Cunningham, and now your good self, to name only a few luminaries of the music scene have all been involved in some way. Believe me, Tom, your article was a superb overview of my obsession, and a delight to read. Thanks to you!

  4. Indie kids have always had a “problem” with black music. I could never understand why at college parties they would dance their tits off to ‘Blue Monday’ but sit down when ‘I Feel Love’ came on. They’re basically the same sort of record – throbbing electro-disco. Except of course, that one has oblique “meaningful” lyrics and the other one is “just” about sex.

  5. Point well taken, Lee. There is obviously an undercurrent to that kind of thinking…and I wouldn’t like to go there.

  6. This is why I’ll continue forcing reggae down your necks at every opportunity – prejudging sucks!


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