9 comments on “On Yer Bike

  1. Lovely band, another one of those we probably wouldn’t have heard without Peel.

    Wonder what happened to Bubblegum…

  2. I agree, Adam. As for Bubblegum…looks like they achieved the fame of my band, White Lightning.

  3. God, I loved their album “Hate” to death. Depressing as hell but it sounded incredible.

  4. I still think their album the Great Eastern is probably my favourite album of the decade, and certainly they are my favourite scottish group ever. Interviewed Emma Pollock last year, she was lovely.

    Also, I think Pull the Wires From the Wall is one of the few tracks to make it to the Festive Fifty in two different versions, the session version made it to #27 the previous year.


  5. You might be interested to know that I and many others were introduced to the Delgados by their song “The Light Before We Land” being used as the opening theme for the anime series Gunslinger Girl (“Woke From Dreaming” was also used as an insert song in ep. 7). Here’s the OP sequence:

    For info about the show itself:

    http://www.gunslingergirl.tv/ (official North American site, Flash intensive)

  6. Lee: ‘Depressing’ can also equal magnificent, can’t it? A concept my wife just can’t seem to grasp: when I was playing through the tracks for this post, the comment ‘where’s the funeral?’ emanated from the kitchen.
    Ed: Yes, a good point, and that session version I have reserved for another Delgados post some time in the future. I have already approached this subject in the post A Rose By Any Other Name. There are:
    1. Two songs which are the same, but with a different title and recorded by different artists[see post].
    2. Five songs that hit the 50 in more than one version [see post].
    3. At least four songs that were in the chart as session tracks, but then re-entered as either album or single tracks. A tentative list of these is:
    a) Smiths, Reel Around The Fountain, 1983/1984 (nearly excluded by Peel on its second appearance, but he wanted to hear it again!).
    b) Billy Bragg, Between The Wars, 1984/1985.
    c) Pulp, Common People, 1994/1995/All-Time 2000.
    d) Finally, as you astutely pointed out, Delgados, Pull The Wires From The Wall, 1997/1998/All-Time 2000.
    It was highly unusual for this to happen after 1982, as JP restricted the chart to tracks recorded/released that year only. Then there are the tracks that only ever appeared in a session version (one such, Sophie And Peter Johnson’s Television, I posted last year…but that’s meat for another post!!!).
    Eyevocal: Interesting. I must check those out some time, never having seen much anime.

  7. The Delgados…fantastic albums and a great live band as well.
    For anyone interested, Emma Pollock released a fine solo album last year called “watch the fireworks”,well worth a listen.

  8. popgun -check my blog 17 Seconds for three live reviews, an interview and the album review, which made no.3 in the 17 Seconds Top 75 LPs of 2007

  9. Oi, Mr. Jupp, none of that self-promotion stuff here ;-)).
    Have just remembered…Babes In Toyland entered twice with Handsome And Gretel, 1991/1992, as it was a single before it was re-recorded for Fontanelle.

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