4 comments on “The Phantom Of The Opera

  1. And I think I really do need to get ‘Floyd At Pompeii’.

    ‘Pillow Of Winds’ is the other one on ‘Meddle’, for me.

  2. I really like Meddle, though my favourite Floyd album is still Wish You Were Here.

    I remember reading the Q interview (yes, I know, but I was only fifteen at the time) when Waters made the accusation about ALW nicking the tune. The following issue they printed a grovelling apology. Seems a shame that libel laws are generally designed to protect the rich and powerful…


  3. I always see this album as a trial run for DSOTM. You can hear all the elements falling into place. I had to turn off ‘Echoes’ back in the 90’s when my eldest was about three because the spooky noises in the middle frightened him.

    Also agree with Ed about WYWH being the best (with a special mention for the Syd Barrett stuff).

  4. How to choose a favourite Floyd album? Since Shine On You Crazy Diamond was still in the FF until the early 80s WYWH seems to be it for most people.

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