6 comments on “Better Red Than Dead

  1. Nice one :)

    At the same time as Billy was performing this, Atilla the Stockbroker (who appeared on the same bill frequently) used to do a parody version which started:

    “I was a miner, I was a docker
    “I was f*cking busy between the wars …”

    cheers, Craig

  2. Good gag, Craig. I wish the TOTP appearance was still on You Tube, as I remember it well.

  3. Attila also did a parody version of “The World Turned Upside Down” called “The Liggers’ Song,” in which, of course, he took the mick out of the punters who would take his beer out of his rider. When he introduced it, he reminded audiences that Billy Bragg did it on his EP–you know the one–“I was a gangster / I was a prankster / I f*cked a hamster between the wars!”

  4. between the wars still makes me go all shivery and lip trembly – it’s bloody beautiful and is as good a national anthem, particularly it’s last verses as any you’ll ever hear.

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