10 comments on “Never Mind The Buzzcocks

  1. Great stuff, thanks!

    By the way, Tony Wilson’s rarer-than-rocking-horse-proctologists Granada doc on the ‘cocks and Magazine, “B’dum B’dum” has found its way onto Youtube, it’s easy to track down via search.

    It’s essential viewing on the genesis of Buzzcocks, why Howard left and how both parties went on to success.

    cheers, Craig

  2. I always thought it was hen’s teeth that were used in the comparison, Craig, but I like the new analogy!! I will deffo check out that documentary when I have a few moments. Thank you for the plaudits!

  3. “unrequited lovelorn despair”

    Many thanks old lad – been waiting for this one.

    ‘What Do I Get’, ‘Ever Fallen In Love..’ and ‘Promises’ encapsulate my life as a 16 year old in 1978. (Not to mention 2008)!

    Bless your cotton vest.


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  5. Dick: Pleasure as ever me old mucker. I was obsessed by getting this great band’s singles, and I find it strange that they never had any FF entries after the 79 chart.
    TV de LCD: Thanks for your comment. I fail to see what John Peel and LCD TVs have in common, but I’m glad you liked my post. (thinks: what is it about this blog that makes some writers think I can speak Portuguese?)

  6. always my favourites when it’s not the clash – hell i’m fickle. i loved the lack of all that bondasge trousers fashion nonesense in them and the undertones – for us as little kids punk was straight jeans and slightly messy hair. and blimey they were marvelous live. isaw them withe joy division supporting them in blackburn and they made joy division sound rubbish

  7. Shit, they must have been good then, if that was the case. As they say, an unfussy image, just ordinary blokes: on the Live At The Roxy, you can hear Pete saying, ‘Will you stop spitting at me?’ in that smashing Northern camp voice of his. Then he says, ‘We’ve got no more other songs…we’re gonna do ‘Love Battery’ again.’
    Those were the bloody days and no mistake.

  8. I was happily heart-broken when i first heard Buzzcocks because i they ticked all the boxes that I’d decided would -when combined- fill a space in the world of good music that didn’t exist before… and till then i’d dreamed i might have a bash at being someone playing this music i imagined. in short: someone got there first.

    circumstances meant i missed them when they played in Singapore a few years back – of all things.
    not sure if they had a Smiths drummer w/ them

    liked the video clip. does manchester make a certain type of drummer then? the bloke looks like a cross between joy div and smiths one – both of whom were probably trying to be him innit/

    my starter for ten: where do i find out what version of Boredom it was that was on this punk compilation my friend had w/ a fake sgt pepper cover? also where i first heard Bingo Master’s Breakout. … google here i come!

    thanks for this top blog. yours and 17 seconds lighten my days

  9. oh that wasn’t as hard as i thought it was. the record was Burning Ambitions (Cherry Red):

    looking at the track listing i now remember my mate was into Anglelic Upstarts and GBH so i think he was selective w/ what he’d taped off the album (his older brother’s?) so while i got to hear Buzzcocks, Fall and Wire, I think he tired of what wasn’t matching up to his idea of punk – the pause button came into play and missed out on (i now discover) Swell Maps, Saints, X Ray Spex, Attila… and more…

    and look who is on the cover of this – him w/ the blue face just below st.paul’s next to ____ and ______, and below capt sensbile:

    track list:

    i’m not sorry i asked now. now i will see if can suss which version of boredom it was they used (google hasn’t helped me suss the name of this compilation which includes, i think, demo sessions)

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