4 comments on “Perfect Pop

  1. An Edinburgh band and a band that I had never heard until I came to Scotland.

    My favourite Shop Assistants track has to be Somewhere In China whicg brings a lump to my throat every time I hear it. Alex Taylor also went on to appear in the Festive Fifty of 1987 with Motorcycle Boy ‘Big Rock Candy Mountain.’…no chance you could post them sometime PLEASE? Have spent forever looking for this track!

  2. Yes, Eduardo, I just knew this post would tempt you out of hiding!! As usual, I’ll see what I can do about that song.

  3. jeez i lived for this stuff then and even featured a dress up alex shop assistant doll in an old sad fanzine (i’ll dig it out and put it up somehere).
    there was a great run of gigs where the support band was better than the headliner that kind of went pastels/shop assistants, shop assistants/soup dragons, soup dragons/jesse garon and the desperadoes, jesse garon/razorcuts, razorcuts/talulah gosh, talulah gosh/the siddeleys or something. or maybe i just imagined it.

  4. Equally, ally, there was an even longer run of gigs where the headliners were marginally better than the support: Carter USM were alright (not amazing) when they were supported by the disappointing Band Of Holy Joy in Plymouth, for example.

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