8 comments on “Working And Shopping

  1. I have loads of old “SHOPPIES” stuff which I will have to dig out. I don’t think Aggi did anything other than the single. I saw them a few times in London early 1985 where they were billed “BUBA & THE SHOP ASSISTANTS” but where definitely “THE SHOP ASSISTANTS”
    I think Alex post MOTOCYCLE BOY got a job at a London HMV or VIRGIN, thus ensuring that she sold more records than MOTOCYCLE BOY & THE SHOP ASSISTANTS put together!
    Do you know what? I remember that “dress/put the clothes on Alex” fanzine feature … Damn I’m gonna have to dig through piles of old boxes to find it now!!!

  2. Ed: It certainly doesn’t feel like Easter here, old friend, but thanks all the same. The very best to you too.
    Dave: Don’t remember this, but sounds like it was fun!

  3. according to the entry for the Shop Assistants in the Great Indie Discography she did, and also played with the pastels, but the sugarcubes entry doesn’t seem to mention it…

  4. You’ll never convince me (although I am willing to be proven wrong) that AGGI JUNIPER BERI-BERI played with THE SUGARCUBES
    Somehow I just can’t see the plant pot caring, STRAWBERRY SWITCHBLADE loving Indie Queen of Clackmannanshire getting involved with THE SUGARCUBES
    Although, there is reference here…..


    However, I suspect that this is the result of some literal response to a fanzine question …
    “What bands were you in before & tell us some interesting facts about yourself?”
    Well, my Uncle Frank was a BEATLE, I played drums for THE SUGARCUBES whilst their normal drummer was fulfilling a contract as a female impersonator in Las Vegas, & Great Granddad Tobermory was once the King of Prussia who discovered a magnet that attracted wood!!!
    ….. You know the kind of thing.

    What was the name of your fanzine that had the dress ALEX from the SHOP ASSISTANTS “article”?
    I’m sure I have it somewhere.
    I just found the “Bri-Doll” …. The cut out Brian Superstar cut out finger puppet in one of AGGI’s old fanzines………

    I know Dave Keegan & various FIZZBOMBS & JESSE GARON’s (who were more or less the same people but played different instruments in the different bands) filled in for drums & guitar when THE PASTELS were effectively just STEPHEN & AGGI (I would say towards the end of the 1980’s early 1990’s… But I didn’t see them too much in those days … My PASTELS, where I saw them a lot was through 1984 to the start of 1986)

  5. Hmm, that might make sense, interesting that it’s been reported in more than one place. Jesse Garon still runs a record shop in Edinburgh, might ask him if he knows…

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